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You Know You Are Thinking It – The Cremation?

So what we all want to know – Was The Smoke Black Or White???

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The Horror Of The Boston Marathon

As time goes by the disturbing possibility grows that the attack was ‘Home Based’ starts to gain momentum. There is nothing in the Public Domain yet to say one way or the other but this is the feeling amongst those who … Continue reading

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So When Will It Become A National Bank Holiday?

Only a matter of time, surely? It’s what she would have expected.

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So How Much Can Our MP’s Claim Extra For Today?

Given they could claim £3,750 for coming home to debate the death there is bound to be some scam they are pulling today for having a delayed start at the House due to the funeral. LINK

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The Final Ultimate Act Of Hypocrisy

So the Wicked Witch of Privatisation actually leaves it to the State and its Tax-Payers to cough-up the cash to bury her. Too tight to pay into some sort of a 50+ Plan she leaves the cost of it all* … Continue reading

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