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Nasty Little Osborne Didn’t Think He’d Get Away With That Did He?

A few tears for those whose lives he is making a misery would have at least been recognition that he is a failure. LINK to IMF. While we are here… these are the things we could have had if we had … Continue reading

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Osborne Cheers Himself Up With A ‘Blow-Out’!

‘Get Me A Bucket’

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Irony and The Iron Lady: Margaret Thatcher

Originally posted on Think Left:
Irony and The Iron Lady: Margaret Thatcher By C J Stone According to my dictionary, Irony is defined as an “incongruity between actual circumstances and the normal, appropriate, or expected result.” Incongruity, yes. Incongruity between…

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Private Eye Out Today

Given that the media have gone a bit mental this last week we are going to do something we have not done before. Private Eye* has a feature called ‘Number Crunching’ and the current issue (1338) has three fascinating juxtapositions. LINK … Continue reading

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