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The First Ofspol Grading Of Politicians Have Been Released

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Ofspol Announce Their First Set Of Changes

The first thing they have decided is that there need to be changes to the working of The House. An insider told us, “It’s time that they ALL turned up for work when The House is sitting. A register will … Continue reading

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Cameron To Introduce “Ofspol” As Soon As Possible

This is to be the official body for inspecting the work of politicians. Cameron hopes to introduce Ofspol by the end of the month. The Office For Standards of Politicians. Off-Shore Cameron told us, “I have become increasingly concerned about … Continue reading

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Operation Yewtree: We Can Tell You Who It Is Now

You must have been able to guess from the clue in our previous report: Last Report Seems it is indeed Rolf Harris. May not have been an ‘extra-leg’ after all.

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“The Dark Side Of The Moon” – Storm Thorgerson. Very Sad News

The man who created the most icon album sleeve of all time has passed away.  

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