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Richie Havens, Folk & Woodstock Legend, Has Died Aged 72

A true legend. Very sad.

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Manchester United – ‘Champions!!!’

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Nasty Party Leader Starts Preaching ‘Caring’ To Nurses

Has Off-Shore Cameron ever listened to what he has to say? When he has the bloody cheek to start lecturing Nurses about how they need to be ‘Caring’ he really does need a swift kick in the bollox. LINK to a toss-pot … Continue reading

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Huhne And Pryce Latest Update

Seems they will both escape be released as early as next week. There’s Justice For You!

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St George’s Day And What It Means To Fordington

The earliest documented mention of St George in England comes from the venerable Bede (c. 673–735). He is also mentioned in the ninth – century liturgy used at Durham Cathedral. The will of Alfred the Great is said to refer … Continue reading

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Coalition Fights – Now The Blame Game Begins

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Child Care And Nurses

Now let’s see if we have got this right. We want those involved in Child Care to be better qualified because then they can each look after a greater number of children. The problem with Nurses today is that they … Continue reading

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Tributes To The Stephen Lawrence Family 20 Years On

Hard to believe the murder of Stephen Lawrence was 20 years ago. Some progress has been made but, even after all this time, not all of those involved have been put before a court. Off-Shore Cameron  spoke to tell us all, “Much … Continue reading

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Margaret Hodge Shows Her Support For Ofspol

She told MPs – ‘it feels as if we are hardly working’ Margaret Hodge, who chairs the public accounts committee, said the coalition should lengthen the parliamentary calendar because MPs were spending less time in Westminster scrutinising policy. MPs risk … Continue reading

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Order Your ‘Support Suarez’ T-Shirt Today

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