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The BBC Announce – “Extreme Competitive Ironing”

After the major success of watching, on TV, people continuing to sew, in an exciting manner, the BBC has signed up Claudia Winkle-Out-Rubbish to present a brand new exciting TV show. We are assured it will be worth paying our TV-Tax … Continue reading

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Just As Pointless Clegg Thought It Clear: Rennard!

The Met Police have now launched formal investigation into allegations of inappropriate behaviour by Lib Dem peer Chris Rennard. Some would say, “It’s about time too!” LINK

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Theresa May – Yet Another Tory Failure

This is what she said 19th April 2012. Listen very carefully from 2:35 onwards and then the final 10 seconds. That’s right, it is NOT a typo, this was 19th April 2012.

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Utter Failures Iain & Duncan Smith Are Sent A Letter

Link To The Letter –‘Turned 40’ A great Blog from someone who has, with no help from Iain or Duncan ‘We live in a mansion for free’ Smith, got themselves a job after 15 months. You really should read it. Thinking about … Continue reading

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