Millionaire Cameron Thinks You Should Pay For Your Treatment

Millionaire Off-Shore Cameron thinks the NHS should be privatised. You will hear a lot of weasel words from the Tory Toff Boy but you will never, ever get a straight answer from him because he has no answers.

All he has is an ideology that means “Me and my mates are alright Jack and sod the rest of you plebs. Shut up and get on with it, our snouts are busy in the trough.” PIG MAN

A LINK that the two Smiths and Cameron may not like you to know about.

If these are the values that our education system, in the form of Eton and Oxford, are passing on to their students then it was time Ofsted closed them both down.

"Why do people think I'm a smug, fat, millionaire type little git?"

“Why DO people think I’m a smug, fat, millionaire type little git?”

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