Tory Toffs Tap Their Toady Types To Top Tasks

Cameron employs the brother of Johnson in Downing Street and, no doubt, Off-Shore Millionaire Cameron will try and tell us he is the ‘Best Man’ for the job. (Can you have such a thing as ‘Networking Incest’? Seems you can. LINK)

‘Best Man’ What Utter Bollox!

Enjoy your holiday Cameron – you really are such an out-of-touch bum-hole. (We are struggling in the office to work-out if we can have any more contempt for the bloke – it is only a maybe?)

"Tory-Shit Alert" THIS is a JOHNSON

“Tory-Git Alert” THIS is a JOHNSON

Don’t be fooled by the false ‘smile’. He’s a Tory Toff Boy right out of the Privileged Draw. It’s the brother of that utter butt-face Boris Johnson.


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