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Our MPs Are The Laziest Gits EVER – Two Weeks OFF BONUS

That arse-wipe Gollum Gove tries to tell everyone that schoolteachers holidays are too long while omitting to mention the likes of him never go to work. The man is an arse and a half and full of crap. We are starting … Continue reading

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Osborne Pleased To Announce Economic Growth Of 2.5%

In The First Quarter In……… America! —LINK All looks a bit ‘Brokeback Mountain’ Osborne.

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Cameron Introduces The New Ten Pound Note

Cameron told us, “I am delighted to introduce this new £10 note and I hope, very soon, it will become known as the Thatcher.” LINK

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Apple Get Pips Squeezed The First Time In 10 Years

Has it all gone pear-shaped? LINK

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