MPs Set-Up Their Own ‘Hardship Fund’ That WE Pay For

On first read this looks like a FordingtonField spoof but this is TRUE!

WE couldn’t make-up stuff like this! Here is the LINK you need to read.

They have put away around £6 million for those MPs who fall on hard-times having already been over-paid for the little they do, drawing their extremely generous pensions (unlike anything that most of us could even imagine), spending their first year-off parachute payment and their cheap food and drink in their subsidised bars and restaurants.

Hard times? If they were subject to ‘Performance Related Pay’ then they really would discover some hard times! Cheeky sods.

Don’t forget,- MPs now have more holiday than ever, with Parliament only sitting for around 150 days this year.” Last time we looked a year was 365 days.

That’s 41% of the year – Lazy Gits! —-LINK

Oliver Letwin is our MP (sorry, there is nothing we can do about it) nobody in the office or anyone they know has ever seen him and we live in the County Town so don’t come out with all that clap-trap about ‘working hard in their constituency’!

"We know the face.....was he on MasterChef??"

“We know the face from somewhere…..was he on MasterChef??”

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