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Cameron Attempts To Support I & D Smith Over Universal Credits

Off-Shore Cameron told us in an exclusive interview, “I really don’t think either Iain or Duncan can be described as a ‘Horses Arse’.” He went on, “There are others in the cabinet who are but I find these two very … Continue reading

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Cameron & Osborne Continue ‘The Sale Of The Century’

Thanks to The Lords they have just about sold the NHS to the bidder they like the look of. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. If they have their way there will be bugger all left in two years time.

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‘Universal Credit’ Introduced In The Usual Half-Cock Manner

Having previously told all of us what a wonderful new idea this is it then got reined in. It was then withdrawn even further because they feared the IT system would implode and now it has been launched in just … Continue reading

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