Margaret Hodge MP “Was Not Using Her Phone At The Time”

Margaret Hodge MP managed to take a swipe at a cyclist the other day and as a result knocked him clean off his bike! Thankfully the cyclist was said to be unharmed in the incident that the MP said was completely her fault.

The MP got out of her parked car with a mobile phone in her hand but issued a statement that said she “was not using it” at the time. That could be an interesting claim in a court of Law – ‘It was in my hand but I was not using it’. Define ‘use’. Can you hold the steering wheel of a car if you have a phone in your hand?

“She acknowledges that the accident was completely her fault and that she should have been more careful, which she will be in future.” LINK 1    LINK 2 (9th paragraph. ff)

Wonder If He Knew How Much She Is Worth???

Wonder If He Knew How Much She Is Worth???

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