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Jeremy Isa Hunt To Man The 111 Phone Line

As if the piece of shite would be doing such a thing! Jeremy Isa Hunt continues to make-out he is in charge of the NHS when we all know that all he wants to do is privatise it. He is a … Continue reading

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Be Honest: Who REALLY Watches ‘The Voice’?

Please let us know if you watch this ‘Karaoke Krap’

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Nigel Evans, Tory MP, Arrested On Suspicion Of Rape

Evans, Deputy Speaker of the House of Common as Muck, is being questioned by police over claims made by two alleged male victims. They both claim to have been raped and sexually assaulted between July 2009 and March 2013. Both men were … Continue reading

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Theresa May – “We Already Have A Party Leader”

Great to hear Tess May pledge her allegiance to Off-Shore Cameron this morning as the clamour for a change at the top of the Tory party gains momentum. In a briefing to us exclusively at The Field it was refreshing … Continue reading

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