Theresa May – “We Already Have A Party Leader”

Great to hear Tess May pledge her allegiance to Off-Shore Cameron this morning as the clamour for a change at the top of the Tory party gains momentum.

"Hard Working Families"

“Hard Working Families”

In a briefing to us exclusively at The Field it was refreshing to hear a politician talking honestly, from the heart and avoiding clichés.

“We have a great Conservative leader and a wonderful Prime Minister and all I want to do is help hard working families, the situation we inherited and I am not seeking high office unless my party demands it.

“It’s the hard working families and the situation we inherited I want to concentrate on because by helping hard working families we will be able overcome the situation we inherited.

“While I do not seek high office unless my party and the people demand it I would just add that I’m there for hard working families and to overcome the situation we inherited.”

Well that’s pretty clear then.

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