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Cameron – Be Honest – Would You Ring 111??

Be honest Off-Shore Cameron if you had a medical problem with Nancy or Florence or Arthur would YOU ring 111? Tell us now Cameron. Would YOU trust the system? For once actually answer a question! Hunt, you useless knob-end, if … Continue reading

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David Luiz – The Cheating Shite-Bag

What a vile little boy. Made worse by the shite of a manager who claimed, ‘Ayy! I did a not a see a it a and a I a hav’ a not a seen a the a video a yet a.” We don’t like … Continue reading

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The Sunday Sofa Assessment Of The Election Results

So we have had the chance to listen to the great and the good and have now had time to condense it down to a few phrases. You will not be surprised to learn that they are both patronising and … Continue reading

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