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Just A Thought

“I’ve been in the news for 10 years” But how did she know that? Very odd stuff.

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Nigel Lawson Cooks Up A Storm Over Europe

Tory Ex-Chancellor and part-time celebrity chef, Nigel Lawson, has jumped out of the frying pan and into a fire-storm over the integration of the UK and the EU. His intervention may well bring the issue to boiling point. Our association with … Continue reading

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Mary Portas Tonight – We Can Save You 3 Hours Of Your Life

Mary Portas has the first of a three hour series on tonight all about The High Street and that 100 shops are closing a week. Here are the three saving points: Parking Tickets Parking Tickets Parking Tickets There you go … Continue reading

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The Apprentice Starts From The Out Of Touch BBC

With school leavers and graduates desperately looking for a job at least when what they’d rather have is a career what is the BBC doing? They are continuing with their ‘unreality’ show by making the ordeal of finding a job a … Continue reading

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