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Osborne Is Rewarded With A Part In The NEW Star Wars Film

Gideon Osborne has been recognised by the film industry for his lenient tax rules, unlike what he has done for the rest us, with the part Oz Oz in the latest  Star Wars Movie.

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The Two Sides Of Manchester


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Bedroom Tax Tragedy Must Act As A Wake-Up Call

The vile pair of Iain and Duncan Smith might wonder how they are going to sleep tonight given the suicide note left by Stephanie Bottrill after she threw herself in front of a motorway lorry. LINK Our condolences to her family. It … Continue reading

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Osborne Talking ‘Tuff’ (sic) At The G7

Gideon Osborne told the G7 conference that British territories, including the tax havens Jersey and the Cayman Islands, need to play more of a part in trying to put a stop to tax evasion. “Of course you have to respect … Continue reading

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Osborne And King At The G7

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