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Iain & Duncan Smith– Two Of The Nastiest In The Party Latest

This vile pair has some questions to answer. They make up stuff to cover their inadequacies and then introduce ridiculous rules for no apparent reason other than to be nasty. They have employed ATosser to help them with this vile … Continue reading

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Some Bloke Retires And The Media Loses All Perspective

He didn’t solve the banking crisis, he didn’t cure cancer, he didn’t feed the world, he didn’t provide water to remote parts of the world, he didn’t solve poverty, he didn’t…………………. but you could be forgiven for thinking that he … Continue reading

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Bill Oddie’s Bankwatch

Originally posted on Think Left:
From Global Witness:  Bill Oddy tracks the most destructive species on earth – bankers. Bill Oddie’s BankWatch Published on May 13, 2013 Why was Bill Oddie evicted from HSBC’s London HQ? Watch the film to find…

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