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But They Seem Happy To Forget Johnson May Have A Love-Child?

While a few bigoted Nasty Party members were trying to wreck the Gay Marriage Bill they are happy to forget that someone they claim to hold dear is a ‘Love-Rat’. LINK The Appeal Court rejected claims by Helen Macintyre, with whom the … Continue reading

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The Doors’ Founding Member Ray Manzarek Dies Aged 74

Very sad loss.

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Hillsborough Investigation Tonight At 9 O’Clock

An investigation reveals how many people played a part in burying the truth about Britain’s worst football disaster, in which 96 fans died during the 1989 FA Cup semi-final. Keep an eye wide open for whose fingerprints are all over … Continue reading

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Who Said, “MPs? A Bunch Of Good For Nothing, Lazy Gits!”

Yes, our non-working politicians are all sodding off for yet ANOTHER 2 week holiday!!! These are the idle gits who tell everyone else they should work longer each day as well as taking fewer and shorter holidays. Remind us again – how do you spell … Continue reading

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