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Now The Argos Shopping Channel Is No More – What Fun!

What fun it is to play ‘Spot the Old Presenter’ appearing in new adverts. We’ve spotted two of them already whose agents must have been on the ball. Anyone out there beat that? How about a sweepstake on who we’ll never see on … Continue reading

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The Most Expensive Old People’s Home To Keep Open?

Money well spent keeping these old folks warm. As usual, messing about on their phones!!

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Who Can Remember The Police & Crime Commissioners Elections?

We’d forgotten all about them as well. These are the people who were voted for by less than 15% of the electorate (ours was just under 17%) and then get paid £70,000 a year or more. What you might not know … Continue reading

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Something About Mili-Bland Taking The Moral High Ground

We can’t quite place what it is – Yes! That’s what it is! Those 13-odd years where the Laws on Tax could have been sorted out and any loopholes made illegal but they did nothing. Instead what we have, due … Continue reading

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