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Bercow Decision Puts Us ALL At Risk

We have no time for Sally Bercow but are very concerned about the decision made in court. We are concerned because we believe the judge, Michael Tugendhat, has made a judgement that has serious implications for all Bloggers. In our … Continue reading

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BBC Just Throws Away £98,400,00: Nobody Is Sacked?

The BBC has managed to wipe-off nearly £100 million and doesn’t appear to be that concerned! Like Governments, the BBC thought they could write the software for a new Digital Archive system. Why they thought this is anybody’s guess but … Continue reading

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Jezza Hunt Gets Some TV Tips From Central Office

“Right Jezza, we don’t have a lot of time so we’ll keep this simple. Every time you appear in front of the camera there are three things you must remember.” “ALWAYS wear your NHS badge and this time get it … Continue reading

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