BBC Just Throws Away £98,400,00: Nobody Is Sacked?

The BBC has managed to wipe-off nearly £100 million and doesn’t appear to be that concerned! Like Governments, the BBC thought they could write the software for a new Digital Archive system. Why they thought this is anybody’s guess but we suspect arrogance played a major part.

Goes without saying really that they have made an utter bollox of it. Who’d have thunk it? (sic) You would have thought the person responsible for this cock-up would have been sacked but it seems that Linwood, who was paid £287,800 last year, has been given gardening leave on FULL PAY!

With our TV Tax currently at £145.50 (for a colour [who on earth still has b/w???]) that means they have taken the money from 676,289 and just thrown it out of the window.

Are the BBC really still fit for purpose?

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