Prof Schama Urges Teachers To Reject Gove’s New National Curriculum

Prof Simon Schama, the historian who advised the Government on the new national curriculum, has issued a stinging criticism of the final syllabus, urging teachers to reject them.

He has called the final document “insulting and offensive”, “pedantic and utopian”
and accused Gollum Gove, the Education Secretary, of constructing a “ridiculous
shopping list” of subjects.

Perhaps his most damning comment suggests, “I’m sure……. Gove did not actually want to give us 1066 and All That without the jokes, but that’s pretty much what we’ve ended up with.”

Can Gollum get anything right??

"I Wouldn't Last A Minute Left In A Classroom On My Own."

“I Wouldn’t Last A Minute Left In A Classroom On My Own.”

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