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How We Are Losing The NHS By Stealth

Remember these two that we brought to your attention: Link 1 and Link 2 There’s more and it is gathering pace. LINK 3 Jeremy really Isa Hunt Don’t sleep walk into a situation where you find you are having to … Continue reading

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UK Media – Enough Is Enough

First we would remind you of what we said a week or so ago: LINK They don’t seem to have heeded that advice and we still get items repeated over and over again not only with repeats of the whole … Continue reading

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Theresa May, “I Have Always Been At The Forefront Of Technology”

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Theresa May, The Data Bill And Windows Tracking Protection

We suppose she does realise that Windows Internet Explorer already includes an option to protect against tracking. She does know that, doesn’t she? She does also understand that Windows is looking to improve what they have already? It’s in their latest … Continue reading

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Osborne Faces The Really Tough Questions ………. On ‘Breakfast’

It’s hard to believe but this is where Gideon Osborne felt at home on the TV. Apart from something like ‘Lorraine’ it is difficult to think of anything more light-weight. Yes, Bill Turnbull really ‘stuck-it’ to the man and didn’t … Continue reading

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We Can All Be As One – Just Watch

It only takes 4 min in total but you’ll see something happen at 2 min.  

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Ibiza Cameron Assures Us, ‘Judges Will Not Be Privatised’

Be honest? Do you believe anything he says? Looks like a very good way of putting justice way beyond the financial means of the working individual. Nice one Nasty Party. That’s now Health, Education and the Law. You must all be … Continue reading

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