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What On Earth Is Going On In Istanbul, Turkey????

We all need to look into this in a great more depth. And

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The Badger Cull Protest Today – Thanks To John Cooper QC

We feel sure John Cooper QC will be pleased that we have passed on this photo from his recent Twitter. Dr Brian May is there as well plus a wide range of speakers who have highlighted some rather dubious ‘scientific’ assumptions made by the Government. … Continue reading

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Badger Cull Update

Interesting little find concerning badger numbers. Now we are not suggesting they are ‘made up’ but……. LINK This is from Defra and you can see that they have ‘assumed’. Other words (Oxford Thesaurus, page 46) could be: invented, made-up, fake, bogus, … Continue reading

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Badger Cull

One area is in West Somerset and the other is in and around West Gloucestershire. A third area – Dorset – is being considered for a cull, but a licence is not yet in place. The cull will aim to … Continue reading

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2 Reasons Why Patrick Mercer Will Not Give Up His Seat…Yet

They are very simple: “1 – £66,396” “2 – Ukip” Mercer is not likely to give up his salary, plus expenses, plus all the other perks like passes along with subsidised food and drink in the middle of London. Ibiza-Boy will not force him … Continue reading

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