2 Reasons Why Patrick Mercer Will Not Give Up His Seat…Yet

They are very simple:

“1 – £66,396”

“2 – Ukip”

Mercer is not likely to give up his salary, plus expenses, plus all the other perks like passes along with subsidised food and drink in the middle of London.

Ibiza-Boy will not force him to give-up his seat just now because he knows there is a chance he could lose the seat to Ukip. Come the General Election he is probably safe but a by-election? No, no, no!

It’s not about honour and honesty it’s about seats!

Just in case someone wants to dangle the old, “Innocent until……….” LINK

Listen out at 25 seconds for some advanced mathematics.

“I would normally come out at £500 per half day, so £1000 a day” Genius!

Cameron - "Patrick! Remember, Just Stay Where You Are. We'll Sort It Out" (maybe)

Cameron – “Patrick! Just Stay Where You Are. We’ll Sort It Out” (maybe)

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