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So What If There Is A Register Of Those On The Lobby-Train?

It’s taken Off-Shore Cameron, nice tan by the way Davey Boy, three years to get nowhere with his registration of lobbyists. We started to wonder what use it would be anyway. Thought we’d take a look at “The Register of Members’ … Continue reading

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June & Barry Steenkamp Now Wait Until Aug 19th

There has been a postponement in the trial of Oscar Pistorius until Aug 19th. The parents of Reeva Steenkamp will have to wait a little longer to find out what really happened.

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Gove Thinks He’s Cool Introducing The New iLevel Exam

For Teachers of a certain age THIS is the iLevel they will remember.

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Osborne, Clarke & Balls To Attend Bilderberg Group Meeting

They will be attending meetings that take place behind closed doors, with a ban on journalists. There is no agenda and no votes are taken  and no public statements are issued. Hard to believe that there are people who believe  they are a Secret Society!! … Continue reading

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