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Shotgun Licence To Increase To £200 – Madness!

Yet another Nasty Party idea to make being part of society a Rich Mans sport. It would never occur to them that by increasing the licence four-fold it will make it more likely that people will keep shotguns illegally. A … Continue reading

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Alex Jones Goes Off On One On The BBC – Crazy, Crazy Talk!

It’s never like this on the One Show – that’s for sure!!! To be fair, it IS a different Alex Jones. He is, as far as we are concerned, the spokesman for The Bilderberg Group. He is SUCH a nut-job and his role … Continue reading

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Exclusive In-Depth Report From The Bilderberg Group

No, we haven’t seen one either. Odd when you think they are ‘not’ a secret organisation and that Cameron, Osborne, Clarke and Balls appear to have been present. Remember; they are ‘not’ a secret organisation. LINK  “There is no detailed … Continue reading

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Cameron ‘Demands’ Net Companies Do More

Pretty sure Off-Shore Cameron doesn’t understand the trinity but he ‘demands’ action. The trinity, regular readers will know, is to identify three things: 1) An ISP 2) A Browser 3) A Search Engine He ‘demands‘ action but after THREE YEARS: … Continue reading

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Yeo! Yeo! Yeo! Did He Think It Was Christmas?

What is it with these ‘politicians’? Looking out to be on the ‘take’ at ever chance they get. They have never done anything wrong, of course, but it does seem that they live in a very strange world. Apparently they … Continue reading

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