Margaret Hodge, Stemco & 0.01% Tax – Yet Again

Given she is one of the most litigious members of parliament all we will do is direct you to the story in The Telegraph.

They can afford to pay for far more expensive lawyers than we can, that’s for sure.

Some key words to lookout for if you fancy playing “Stemco Bingo!!“: Public Accounts Committee,  tax affairs, tax avoidance, limited tax paid, Stemcor, she owns shares, £163,000, made profits of £65m, equates to just 0.01PC.

LINK To Stemco Bingo

"I'll happily see you in court.......I can afford it!"

“I’ll happily see you in court……. I can afford it!”

Note: Please don’t infer from this article that it is only the Rich who have access to the Law and that the Rich can railroad the justice system because they have the money to do so and the rest of us should just STFU. No Labour MP would contemplate such a scenario.

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