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We Wonder If Theresa ‘Maggie’ May Has Seen This Advert?

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Have you never visited this blog before? Sorry, there will be no further mention of this complete and utter tosh other than to remind readers that it is complete and utter tosh.

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Education In England Today

What is the difference between these two statements? 1)      We need to change the GCSE exam because too many students are getting the top grades. 2)      Schools need to push students harder because not enough students are getting the top grades. … Continue reading

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Politicians Casting Out Red Herring For The Seagulls: More Failures

We have said it before but we are happy to say it again. LINK If what they are doing is illegal the solution is simple – lock them up! If it is not illegal – shut up! Typical showboating from a … Continue reading

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