While Cameron Is Telling The G8 About Tax, Here’s A Thing

A few things Cameron might like to expand upon while he tries to adopt the higher moral ground – Thanks Dave!

Work by Dr Nick Draper from University College London

British Slave-Owners

£20m paid out in ‘compensation’

40% of the Treasury spending – worth £16.5bn today

General Sir James Duff

Awarded £4,101 – worth £3m today

Blairemore Holdings Inc

Panamanian Fund

Blairemore House

The value of the fund increased by 8.5% in 3 years

Carroll Foundation Trust & Carroll Maryland Trust

Smith Williamson Holdings Ltd

Panama City, Geneva, The Cayman Islands, Gibraltar and Nassau Bahamas

Aberdeenshire home valued at £25m

The prospectus for Blairemore Holdings Inc – “The affairs of the fund should be managed and conducted so that it does not become resident in the United Kingdom for UK taxation purposes.”

Blairmore Holdings were certainly keen to convince investors that the business would be beyond the reach of Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs.

On his father’s death in October 2010, David Cameron inherited £300,000 in cashjust below the inheritance tax threshold at that time

The extent of Ian Cameron’s offshore investments is unanswered by the will.

"Attack Is The Best Form Of Defence"

“Attack Is The Best Form Of Defence”

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