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NOW It’s Time To Talk To The Taliban? What A Cost In Lives!

Someone is going to have to work pretty hard to explain this equation: LINK Withdrawal ≠ Capitulation

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Putin Asks The BIG Question

“Where Is My Little Metal Badge??”  

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MPs Who Will Be Made Redundant Learn Their Fate Today

Today the letters of redundancy have arrived on the door mats of 450 MPs across the country. Concerned that the country will not now run as smoothly as it has been recently we wondered how the shortfall will be made up? Reserve MPs … Continue reading

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The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse?

Time Will Tell

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£90k Maria Miller Looks To Protect Children Online

We can save everyone a bloody lot of time and effort – PARENTS — DO SOME BLOODY PARENTING!!! Too many parents who could barely operate a bloody video recorder buy a computer and suddenly realise they have bought TBI – Technology Beyond … Continue reading

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