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Osborne To Privatise Lloyds Banking Group

Tell you what Gideon, send us our share of the shares and WE WILL decide what WE WANT to do with them. Don’t Grand-Stand with the sale but give them to us. If Gideon, or Jeffrey as he is known in … Continue reading

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Jeremy Isa Hunt Denies NHS Smear Campaign

Tin-Tin and Snowy pretend to defend the NHS

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Will It Be A Boy Or A Girl?????

Well let us all hope it’s one or the other!! The Royal couple reveals that they don’t yet know the ginger of the baby.

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Gaol The Bankers! And About Time Too!

It has taken The Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards a full 571 pages to come up with the idea that: senior bankers should be assigned clear personal responsibilities, with the legal onus on them to show they have done all … Continue reading

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