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We Can’t Help Thinking Brazil Has Spotted What We’ve Missed

The people of Brazil are protesting because they feel the wealth of their country really should be spent on the people of Brazil. Now there’s a thought!  Way beyond the intellectual capacity of the Eton Boys in Downing Street.

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The House Of Lords: Why Is It Open Late At Night?

If this was a library, with so few people using it, any council in the land would close it. Why is the Lords open for these few silly old gits and how much does it cost us?

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Educational Emergency? Send In The………….

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Owen Paterson Assures Us – “Nothing To Fear From GM Foods”

Straight from the horse’s mouth, Paterson tells us we have nothing to worry about. Reminds us of when John Selwyn Gummer fed a burger to his poor daughter during the BSE crisis.

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