“If You’ve Got Nothing To Hide, You’ve Got Nothing To Worry About”

We’ve heard this trite line trotted out by far too many simple souls. For those who use it as their mantra try to explain it to The Lawrence Family this morning. LINK

Undercover ‘Cops’ sounds like a cheap BBC drama but how far up the chain did this attempt to smear The Lawrence Family go? Did it go beyond the Police and even higher up? Was it, in fact, a Hillsborough Tragedy style cover-up? The police seemed to go by the idea of ‘Blame The Victims’.

Tom Robinson released a great album back in the late 80’s and on it was the track “Which Side Are You On?” Starting to wonder the same today whether it be the police, media, local government or politicians of all persuasions.

People like Edward Snowden look more and more honest everyday and the likes of Snooper Theresa ‘Maggie’ May looks like she is not to be trusted every step of the way.

We can’t wait for the political answer to everything to be unveiled – The Inquiry! Bound to be the usual con-trick that will ‘discover’ nothing. Just moving the deck chairs around the sinking Titanic.

maggie prism_snooper

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