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Spending Review – “Have Some Of THAT You Plebs!”

Worth remembering Gideon when he might not have felt so full of his pompous self.

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Tory MP Let’s It Slip HS2 Could End Up Costing £100bn

Forget the £33bn for the HS2 It’s going to be nearer £100bn Well down here in the South and South West we are absolutely delighted that we will not see any of it. Remember that the next time that shit-for-brains … Continue reading

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Tennis Top Tip: Choose Appropriate Footwear For The Conditions

Stop moaning that you slipped, that you fell over or blaming the grass (for real?? ff) OF COURSE YOU DID WEARING FLAT SHOES – YOU NERD! Forget the sponsorship deal, because THAT is what it’s about, and put on footwear appropriate … Continue reading

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Gove Made It Legal For Your Child To Be Taught By An Unqualified Teacher

Well we can all see why now. After Osborne has pulled away the career ladder for newly qualified teachers why would you bother wasting a year doing it? They might as well try and get a job somewhere………if they still really want a … Continue reading

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Cameron Better Watch His Back Or Someone Might Get Ideas

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Stand-Up Routine: Joke Number 32

Number 27 in an occasional series highlighting the best gags from an outstanding stand-up routine performed in front of literally a room with people. “What does a Wessex girl say after having sex?” “So do all of you play for the … Continue reading

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Thank You Very Much Gideon Osborne

That will be just about a whole generation then. You’ve made such a difference.

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Oxbridge Boat Protester To Be DEPORTED!!

If you know that Trenton Oldfield is an Australian then at first glance this looks like a bit of an old ‘Aussie’ joke. It could be something to do with Tolpuddle being just up the road and the deportation of … Continue reading

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Theresa May Attempts To Build Bridges

This in the light of the latest revelation that the Met Police secretly recorded its officers’ meetings with Stephen Lawrence’s friend Duwayne Brooks and his lawyer that the Met Police had arranged. LINK Well, be honest, would you trust May? Especially … Continue reading

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