Oxbridge Boat Protester To Be DEPORTED!!

If you know that Trenton Oldfield is an Australian then at first glance this looks like a bit of an old ‘Aussie’ joke.

It could be something to do with Tolpuddle being just up the road and the deportation of the Tolpuddle Martyrs is still something we are aware of. There is a rally at Tolpuddle each year to remind us what happened.

Well it seems the Home Office are still living in the 1830’s as they want to deport Trenton back to Australia.

This is a bloody disgrace and a stain on the Home Office and Theresa May. Looks like part of her attempt to be the next leader of The Nasty Party. The bloke has served a six month gaol sentence as it is!

The Australian Cricket Team needs contacting to expose the injustice that is occurring here.

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