UK Pensioner Claims A Further £900K ‘Just To Get By’

The 87-year-old, who has never been means tested for any of her state hand-outs, claimed an eye-watering £33.3m following an increase of £900,000. That’s a 2.8% increase in her benefits.

Staggering to think this enormous sum of money does not include the local police force and such like that might be needed for any private parties she holds. LINKS

We have put a Freedom of Information request to see if this pensioner has Handed-Back, Iain and Duncan Smith style, her Winter Fuel allowance, Bus Pass, Free TV-Tax and any other Government Hand-Outs. We are also interested to see what impact the Bedroom Tax will have on this old lady.

“We are all in this together”

Nice to think that for the coming year it will be increased by 5% so as the Taxpayer has to give her £37.89M. Now that’s worth some flag waving.

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