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Glastonbury 2013 – Chic with Nile Rodgers

How many songs has this man written? Unbelievable talent! You don’t even realise half the songs this guy has written are his!

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Glastonbury 2013!

Don’t really know what it is but………………………. It’s all a bit too clean and a bit too nice. A bit too organised and a bit too corporate. All seems too centred on money rather than music. But hey, they need … Continue reading

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250,000 School Places Needed By September 2014

LINK Now we have read the article but we can’t help thinking something has been forgotten. Where the hell are the over 600 teachers coming from to teach them??? Gollum Gove reckoned he had solved the problem when he told … Continue reading

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Sorry Eric – We Couldn’t Resist

“You Can Forget That Pasty Tax Gideon Jeffrey-Osborne”

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Fair Play To Eric Pickles As He Takes The #iss Out Of Gideon

Eric Pickles is a great source of humour for us here but we have to say, “Nice One Eric, Nice One Son!” The guy shows a good sense of humour as well as he has left that top right of the table just … Continue reading

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UK Agrees To Three-Parent Frankenstein Babies

OMG!! It’s Hideous!!

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