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Arizona Fire Still Raging – Now Covers 8,400 Acres

Please give a thought to everyone involved in this tragedy. LINK

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The BBC Gives Away £25M Of Our Money – “So What?”

The attitude of the BBC, which is not surprising seeing as that git Patton is Chairman of the BBC Trust, seems to be, “So What?” Just 150 BBC ‘managers’ (couldn’t manage a good fart between them. ff) managed to scoop up £25M … Continue reading

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MPs £10K Pay Rise Warning – It’s A Con Trick!

It has all the ingredients for a classic political manoeuvre. Listen out for some key Bingo Phrases: “We’ve asked the public”, “We’ve listened”, “We understand”, “We know what it’s like for hard working families” and “We are all in this … Continue reading

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Keith Vaz To ‘Sort Out’ MPs And Their Pensions

Police officers Politicians found guilty of serious misconduct should have thousands of pounds docked from their gold-plated pensions, a powerful group of MPs said today. Under existing rules pensions can only be docked if an officer MP is found guilty … Continue reading

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Dreadfully Sad News From Arizona

At least 19 US firefighters have been killed battling a wildfire in central Arizona, local officials say. Very sad news.

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Is It Now Fred ‘Carney’s’ Army At The Bank Of England?

So now we have, at the Bank of England, a Canadian to run it. Nothing can possible go wrong. LINK We are also happy to quash the rumours that the new £10 note is to feature Neil Percival Young. (we’d … Continue reading

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TB In Cats – Is It Time For A ‘Cat-Cull’?

Cats are one of many animals that can suffer from TuBerculosis. It can also infect cattle and badgers, for example. LINK Given the health scares of TB infected meat entering the food chain and the need to cull badgers around … Continue reading

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