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IPSA Issue Warning Over The Rise In MPs Pay

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority leader has issued a warning concerning MPs’ pay. They have told the three party leaders not to poke their noses in and to leave it to them. Their findings will be published on Thursday but we have had a … Continue reading

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MPs With Expenses Claims Can’t Believe Their Luck Today!

Our wonderful politicians who have been claiming for their children at the Tax Payers expense got a break from the media today. The press got hoodwinked into looking at what they love to fall back on – Splits in the Party. … Continue reading

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Even MORE Our School Teachers Should Be Doing

Mental health lessons should be on the timetable in every secondary school in the UK a new charity MindFull has urged. LINK Now we don’t want to be a killjoy or anything but here’s a simple question: Where Are These Teachers Who Are … Continue reading

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Grant Shapps Comes Clean, “I Have Been Using A Comb-Over”

Shapps told us, “I feel so much better now that I’ve come out about my comb-over. I knew I couldn’t hide it forever and now I feel free out in the breeze.” It takes a brave man to admit they have … Continue reading

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Rural Roll-Out Of Broadband: Half-Cock From Cameron As Usual

As usual all the lofty words from Cameron and Hunt (now £80K Miller) amount to bugger all out in the real world. Their idea of a Superfast Broadband Across The Country is already 2 years off the mark. By 2015 just 9 … Continue reading

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MP Tells Us, “I Didn’t Know I’d Have To Go To That There London”

Just how stupid are our politicians? It doesn’t occur to them that they might have to spend some of their salary in order to carry out the day-to-day events involved with carrying out their job. They seem to think that … Continue reading

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