IPSA Issue Warning Over The Rise In MPs Pay

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority leader has issued a warning concerning MPs’ pay. They have told the three party leaders not to poke their noses in and to leave it to them.

Their findings will be published on Thursday but we have had a look at them and the conclusion is pretty obvious.

“They are such a bunch of cheating, lying, conniving, scumbag, lowlife that if we don’t pay them more they will only go and fiddle the £10K along with even more.”

We might be reading between the lines but that does seem to be the gist of what Sir Ian Kennedy is saying about them. LINK

There doesn’t seem to be any mention of a reduction in the number of MPs nor any comment on the addition ‘jobs’ they take on when they are already employed ‘full-time’.

Another Busy Day At Work

Another Busy Day At Work

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