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Local Tennis Clubs Adopt The “Wimbledon Offer”

As part of the Olympic/Murray legacy local Tennis Clubs have agreed to open their doors to anyone who would like to play tennis in the next month – FREE OF CHARGE! Worried about their elitist image with the public they … Continue reading

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No More Of That For 50 Weeks – What A Relief!

So who are we going to go and watch play live on Monday? The local club? The county team? Thought as much: nobody for 50 weeks. “New Balls!”

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Theresa May MP Puts Our Minds At Rest Here At The Field

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Tory Party Funding In Case Cameron Has Forgotten

While the Posh-Boy, Off-Shore Cameron, is bleating on about unions funding the Labour Party he might like to reflect on where he gets HIS money from. LINK 50% Of Tory Funds Come From The City In 2010 that was £11,400,000 to fund … Continue reading

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We Looked Up “Despicable” And Found This –

The low life announces, via the tabloids, that HE is filing for divorce. What a shit.

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“An Out Of Touch Elite” – Has Our Office Been Bugged?

“Parliament is increasingly the preserve of an out-of-touch elite –  Oxbridge-educated special advisers who glide from university to think tank to the green benches without ever sniffing the air of the real world.” Has someone been listening in on our … Continue reading

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