HUGE Pay Rise For MPs On The Horizon

Well the good thing is that the pay review was carried out by SIR Ian Kennedy QC who nobody could accuse of being an Establishment Figure and someone who might vote for a pay rise for his mates. LINK

This has all the ingredients for a classic political manoeuvre. Listen out for some key Bingo Phrases: “We’ve asked the public”, “We’ve listened”, “We understand”, “We know what it’s like for hard working families” and “We are all in this together”.

It is at this point that people start to think ‘well that put them off a £10K pay rise!’ That represents a 15.1% pay rise!! You couldn’t make the crap up. The people have spoken and the MPs have backed down.


They then announce that in the light of this they are only going to accept a significantly reduced pay rise to the tune of £7,500. WHAT!! That would be an 11.3% rise!

You can play around with the numbers a bit but just be on your guard against this con trick. We bet it is coming.

There will be no mention of:

  • Reduction in the number of MPs, down to 200 would be plenty enough
  • No second jobs; they finally recognise that being an MP is a full-time job

Footnote: Some people will try and hoodwink and tell you that, “Lots of people have two jobs.” Yes they do but BOTH of them are on MINIMUM WAGE and they NEED TWO to get by. A lowlife MP is already on £66k, could be £75k after Kennedy, could they not, at the very least, pretend it’s a full-time job? If it isn’t then halve their pay. They can’t have it both ways!

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