How The Tory Party Are Looking To ‘Treat’ You On The NHS

If you:

can’t be cured then you can forget it. You become a finite revenue source and certainly not worth spending a lot of money on.

are a long-term incurable but not with a life threatening condition then you are the Gold Star. You could be an infinite revenue source and will keep the Tory Gits, who own your medical cover, in the custom to which they are getting used to under Cameron. As long as you live you will need to keep paying extra for the cover that keeps you going.

are fit and healthy then you will be advised to have lots of tests to see just how ‘well’ you are. What they will be checking for is to see if you have a life threatening problem tucked away in your genes. They are happy to collect your ‘ticking-over’ cover each month but do not want to get hit by a huge bill towards the end of your life.

If people don’t wake up then this will happen even sooner. Don’t kid yourselves:

“It’s About The Privatisation Of The NHS”

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