Cameron: Some Of The Terms He Wants To Ban On The Web

Off-Shore Cameron has drawn up a list of terms, some too vile to print here, that he wants to return no results when put into a search engine.

You are warned that even the ones we can print in full you may find distressing.

“Off-Shore Tory, Posh-Boy Git”

“Leader of the Nasty Party”

“Tory Toss Pot”

“Iain Duncan Smith”


“Gideon Fat-Boy Osborne”

“IDS, the little s##t!”

And worst of all

“Lowlife Conservative Supporter”

Here is a LINK to the ones we cannot print here.

"I Will Ban These Search Terms" Warns Off-Shore Ibiza-Boy Cameron

“I Will Ban These Search Terms” Warns Off-Shore Ibiza-Boy Cameron

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