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The New Generation Of The Royal Family

King George leaves the West Wing with his closest family ready to enjoy a life spending other people’s money.  Bet he can hardly wait!

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England Ashes Sponsor: “It’s Just NOT Cricket”

Nice spot from Private Eye concerning our, currently, very successful England Cricket Team. Two victories mean they have had lots of publicity and this must have pleased their Sponsor, Brit Insurance, no end. Slight problem though, even though they call … Continue reading

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Royal Baby Named After Our Wonderful Chancellor of the Exchequer

Osborne told us between sobs, “I’m so very proud. This is the greatest day of my life!” Here he is showing off the whole penny that those born on the same day will receive – not the £700 million the … Continue reading

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Oh Dear, Nadine Dorries Expenses Again

She has only fiddled £3,000 so it’s not right up there with the real fiddlers but she has to pay it back never the less. Dorries accepted her travel claims were “wrongfully made and should not have been allowed”, said … Continue reading

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