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Looks Like Cuadrilla Can Call On Their Private Fuzz Whenever They Like

We may have got that wrong but we have our doubts. Seems you can put up signs to intimidate people with the threat of using firearms on them but you cannot maintain a peaceful protest. If we didn’t know better … Continue reading

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Exclusive! We Are Sent The First Picture Of King George!

King Ginger George! Thanks to an ‘insider’ at the West Wing Hospital we are able to publish the first picture of the new King Ginger George – looking good!

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Cameron To ‘Down-Grade’ Gove From His Cabinet Post

Wouldn’t THAT be fitting? Gollum Gove and that Clown Truss have changed the highly suspect criteria that Ofsted apply to schools they have inspected. They have done it to down-grade as many schools as they can because they want to Privatise … Continue reading

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