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The Cuadrilla Invasion Of Sussex – Photo Gallery

This takes some believing but this is going on in this country under Off-Shore Cameron and all his Cronies right now! A bunch of Tory Twats out to line their own pockets and the expense of the people they claimed they … Continue reading

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Vince Cable: “Nothing To Do With Me Guv!”

Have you forgotten Vince, if the FibDems didn’t support the Nasty Party they wouldn’t be in government. Don’t worry though Vince, WE will not forget it when the next election comes along. Remember Vince – with a 100% turn-out you’ve … Continue reading

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The Cuadrilla Invasion Of Balcombe, Sussex

Cuadrilla really do have a bloody nerve! They released a statement in which Cuadrilla said it had been “disappointed by the actions of a minority of the protesters”. What a cheek! The statement added: “Cuadrilla has followed all legal and regulatory … Continue reading

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Type 1 Diabetes In The UK – An Estimated 450,000 WithThe Condition

An estimated 2.5 million have Type 2 diabetes. Sadly it is on the increase and Diabetes UK is a good source of information. There is also believed to be an estimated 850,000 people who have the condition but don’t know it. Yes we … Continue reading

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