Justice Is Only Accessible To The Rich Under ‘Nasty Party’ Cameron

Problem at work with your exploitative employer? Well tough luck because from today it’ll cost £250, at the very least, to question their conduct and the chances are some legal teams will manage to nudge it into the £1,200 bracket.

Tory Toffs don’t like the idea of being questioned about anything they impose on their workers so have decided to price them out of justice.

Off-Shore Cameron told us in an exclusive interview, “Oh come on! £1,200? It barely covers the cost of a garden bar-bee-q with my best friends. I consider it very reasonable.”

£1,200 Is Worth It For My Friends - The Lawyers

“£1,200 Is Worth It For My Friends – The Lawyers!

It’s like this country has stepped back in time – and not in a good way.

Cameron Takes Us Back To The 1830's Tolpuddle Martyrs

Cameron Takes Us Back To The 1830’s And The Tolpuddle Martyrs

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