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Two Tories Who ‘Missed’ The Syria Vote

Justine Greening (44) and Mark Simmonds (49) both missed the crucial Syria 2nd vote. Seems the two of them couldn’t hear bells going off in the Commons or feel the floor move as over 500 MPs made their way along the … Continue reading

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John Kerry: “Bonjour mes amis, comment allez-vous ?”

Secretary of State John Kerry suggested today that the U.S. is prepared to join forces with its ‘oldest ally’, France. This is to support their launching of air strikes against Syria as early as this weekend after the British House of Commons … Continue reading

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Damn Fine Chaps In The Bullingdon Club Today, Don’t You Know?

Keep your eyes open for when this bunch surface in a Tory seat somewhere near you. LINK

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Dorset CC To Tighten Up On Advertising Boards Around Dorchester

About time too! They are being cited as a problem for pedestrians trying to use the pavement but they are a bigger danger than that. Too many of them are positioned so that car drivers cannot get a clear view when emerging from a … Continue reading

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That Is How ‘Out Of of Touch’ Cameron Is With The Country

Our democratic process did work however and we should be proud of that. Lessons have been learnt and the response of just lashing out because ‘we have to do something’ seems to have been rejected.

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The Innocence Of “Two Little Boys” Is Ruined Forever

Can You Tell What It Is Yet? LINK

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Syria Debate – House Of Commons

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Littlewood & Wallace: How On Earth Do They Get Away With It?

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UK Patients Ripped Off By Private Health Hospitals

The Competition Commission has this morning produced what will be seen as a damning indictment of the purely private part of Britain’s healthcare provision. LINK The watchdog says there is inadequate competition inside the private health market and that private health … Continue reading

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Does Cameron Imagine He’s Rambo? The Man’s Delusional!

Why does everything ‘Rambo’ Cameron say sound like a debate and a vote are a foregone conclusion? Has he been reading ‘Politics’ by Robert Mugabe? Can’t imagine too many MPs will be bothered though. They have probably already put a … Continue reading

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